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About the School Age Care Programs of Virginia

It is our mission to provide an affordable, high quality child care program to the families we serve.
Minnieland Private Day School was created for the convenience of the working parent. Our philosophy is to provide a quality child care program in a learning and loving environment. Our goal is to expose the child to various experiences that will develop him or her socially, emotionally and educationally.

Our developmental program is recreationally based and includes choice activities such as physical play, art, music, science, and drama. We provide a wide variety of experiences that include clubs, guest speakers
and special events. Good nutritional habits and table manners are taught each day at mealtime. Our
program offers activities and experiences that foster a positive self-concept and a sense of independence
by making the children part of the daily planning process.

All children, regardless of race, color, gender, national and ethnic background, religious beliefs or differing abilities, are equal and participate in our non-discriminatory environment.

We operate licensed childcare facilities, which meet and exceed the regulations established by the Virginia Department of Social Services, and local fire and health regulations.


About Minnieland Private Day School, Inc.

Minnieland Private Day School has been contracted by the school districts to provide a warm nurturing center
in which a child’s individuality is recognized and supported by a loving and caring staff. As a superior
provider in the industry, Minnieland is capable of providing the services our community needs. Founded by Chuck and Jackie Leopold, our history began nearly four decades ago during the 1970's just as the child care boom hit the U.S. With women joining the workforce in increasing numbers, the need for child care was in great demand throughout the Northern Virginia area.

The first Minnieland Private Day School was located in the Leopold home with the school on the top floor and the family's living quarters on the bottom floor.  The mission of the center was to provide a quality child care program in a learning and loving environment. Now, after more than 35 years of putting that mission into practice, Minnieland is even more committed to providing care to the next generation of America's children. Minnieland centers continue to provide excellent educational programs where each child's care includes opportunities for physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth.

Still a family owned and operated business, Minnieland continues to stay committed to creating an
atmosphere where children are safe, well nourished, educated and engaged.  Minnieland programs and schools have grown to meet the needs of working families in Virginia, serving communities throughout the state and into Maryland. Today, Minnieland has more than 70 locations, including child care centers, private elementary and middle schools and school age care sites.


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